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Why Us

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Are We A Good Match?

At Novellus Equestrian, we take pride in our approach to horse training, led by Stacey Ericson, a renowned equestrian sport trainer specializing in hard-to-train horse breeds. Stacey uses a technique called Individualized Training Program (ITP) that focuses on restoring horses’ confidence, physical and emotional well-being, and mental stability. Stacey’s approach ensures that every horse builds an unbreakable bond with their human partners through mutual understanding and harmony.

Choosing A Horse Trainer

Horse trainers or instructors play a crucial role in preparing horses for riders, races, or shows. Their expertise lies in analyzing horses’ dispositions to anticipate behavioral problems like kicking, tossing, or biting. By understanding these traits, they can tailor their training methods to prevent any future issues. Additionally, trainers/instructors assist horses in adapting to gear, navigating various terrains, and mastering a range of exercises.


  • Assisting horses in adapting to saddles and bridles with patience and care
  • Rewarding and training horses to obey commands with positive reinforcement strategies
  • Conducting thorough analysis of horses’ dispositions to identify and address any potential behavioral problems
  • Implementing effective training techniques to prevent future behavioral issues
  • Teaching horses diverse exercises to enhance their overall performance
  • Demonstrating expertise in various equestrian styles and training methodologies
  • Ensuring horses’ comfort and confidence when riding on different terrains and boarding trailers
  • Monitoring horses’ nutrition and health, promptly involving a veterinarian when necessary
  • Providing grooming assistance and making valuable recommendations
  • Maintaining stables and effectively managing waste
  • Ensuring horses are properly fed and hydrated

With their dedication and expertise, horse trainers and instructors ensure that horses and riders can truly shine in their chosen fields.

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Benefits of Choosing Stacey

Our personalized approach to horse training caters to the specific needs of each hard-to-train horse, ensuring long-term success and progress. We use innovative and effective training methods that are based on natural horsemanship techniques, allowing us to connect with the horses on a deeper level.


Stacey’s accomplishments and accolades in equestrian sports industry demonstrate her expertise and success as a trainer. Our team of experienced trainers is passionate about equestrian sports and committed to helping horses overcome their challenges.

Unique Characteristics and Features


Our approach helps horses restore their physical, emotional, and mental balance while creating a profound respect-based partnership between horse and human. Our use of technology provides insight into horse behavior and progress tracking, giving us the tools to adjust training techniques and programs as needed. We create unique and individualized programs for each horse, ensuring that their needs and challenges are addressed to achieve the best possible results.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Our clients have experienced tremendous success with our approach, regaining the confidence of their horses and forging strong bonds with them. Many of our clients have seen significant progress in their horses’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as improved performance in equestrian competitions.

Emily Coleman on horseback

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our approach to horse training and how it can help your hard-to-train horse. Through a consultation, we will create an individualized training program to address your horse’s specific needs and challenges. Our easy-to-use online booking system makes it simple to schedule a consultation with Stacey or one of our experienced trainers.

A Unique Approach To Horse Training

At Novellus Equestrian, we are committed to helping hard-to-train horses regain their confidence, emotional and physical well-being, and forge unbreakable bonds with their human partners. Our unique approach to horse training sets us apart from other trainers in the industry and has proven successful time and again. We look forward to partnering with you and your horse to achieve long-term success and progress.

Stacey Ericson riding a horse
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