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The Influence of Tack Fit on a Horse’s Performance

As a horse lover, you may be familiar with the fact that the overall health and well-being of your equine companion are critical factors that can significantly influence their performance. One of the fundamental elements of keeping your horse healthy and comfortable is ensuring that their tack fits correctly. Properly fitting tack can help avoid discomfort, soreness, and injury, which can affect your horse’s performance both in the short and long term. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the influence of tack fit on a horse’s performance.

Importance of tack fit in horse riding

The tack refers to the equipment used to ride or work a horse, and it includes riding saddles, bridles, girths, and reins. Tack fit is crucial because it can impact the horse’s movement, performance, and overall comfort during work. If a horse’s tack doesn’t fit correctly, it can cause rubbing, pinching or shifting of the saddle, affecting the horse’s balance and confidence. A poorly fitting bridle can irritate a horse’s poll or cause discomfort that can translate into its behavior.

Signs of a poor tack fit

As a horse owner or rider, it’s crucial to know the indicators of an ill-fitting tack to avoid potential problems that may develop in the long term. Common signs of a tack fit problem include chafing or rubbing on skin, white hair spots, or sores. Your horse may also display discomfort by tossing its head, bucking, grinding its teeth, or showing aversion towards working or ridden activities.

Proper tack fitting

Proper tack fitting is essential for your horse’s health and performance. An ill-fitting saddle can cause long-term problems such as muscle atrophy, which can be challenging to correct. To ensure that the saddle fits correctly, make sure that you measure your horse’s back accurately and choose a saddle that complements the horse’s shape. Your horse should have enough shoulder room and an even distribution of pressure throughout the back. Also, use a girth that fits snugly, but not too tight, to avoid pinching or rubbing.

Importance of regular tack check-up

Being proactive with your horse’s tack fit is crucial for maintaining their comfort and long-term health. Regular check-ups can help pinpoint problems and snuff out discomfort before it escalates into something more severe. Examine inside the horse’s ears and under the bridle and saddle regularly to check for signs of chaffing or rubbing. Also, consider using a professional fitter to assess your horse’s back and suggest changes to your tack.


To conclude, proper tack fitting is essential to your horse’s overall well-being and performance. If you’re unsure about your horse’s tack, consider seeking professional help to ensure that your horse’s movement is uninhibited by ill-fitting equipment. Regular check-ups can help catch any problems early, leaving your horse comfortable during training and reducing the likelihood of potential health problems. Remember that it’s crucial to keep in mind your horse’s comfort while using the tack as horses cannot communicate their discomfort. Indeed a healthy and happy horse is a better and more seasoned horse.

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