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Upon completion of a training program, I request client feedback to evaluate its effectiveness.

Emily Coleman


Stacey is much more than just a Horse Trainer. She has a way of connecting with the horse and rider on a higher level. She is able to not only develop the skills and mind of your equine, but she also knows how to create an intuitive and powerful rider. Stacey goes above and beyond to support her equines and riders in all stages of their success. Stacey’s methods are like no other and can be used throughout any discipline. She is able to make any horse or rider extraordinary.

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Kristen Moore


“For me, it happened when I was in 5th grade. I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me ride horses, and eventually my dreams were answered as I was led to Equestrian Endeavors and Stacey Ericson.


Though Stacey, through the years, had provided me and other students with outstanding lesson horses, it wasn’t until I started high school that I met my ‘horse of a lifetime’. When I saw him for the first time, I took one look at him and thought Stacey had lost her mind, in all honesty. The athlete she described to me was not the horse standing in front of me. Underweight and severely out of shape, the horse that stood in front of me was far from show ready, but Stacey assured me that she had brought in the perfect horse for me. Having been with Stacey for five years before this, I had grown to trust her and decided to give it a shot. Little did I know that it was a decision which would change my life forever.


Stacey has an amazing eye for talented horses. She not only found the horse that helped me reach and surpass all of my goals, but she was one of the only people who was able to see him for the athletic, gentle genius that he is today. If it weren’t for Stacey’s keen eye and talent for picking horses to fit each rider’s needs, I wouldn’t have been introduced to my perfect, once-in-a-lifetime horse, and ultimately, I wouldn’t be the rider that I am today. I am forever grateful to Stacey and my entire Equestrian Endeavor family. Being surrounded by happy, healthy horses, along with supportive friends, is what makes Equestrian Endeavors a home that I continue to come back to.”


When I first learned how to ride, I was riding unsafe horses that were not well cared for and not trained properly.

Then I came to Equestrian Endeavors. My first day riding with Stacey was like a whole new world. I loved it! The skills I learned before did nothing for me as a rider. Riding at Equestrian Endeavors has helped me overcome my fears and helped me toward my goal of being an exceptional rider. I was once a very timid and unconfident rider. Stacey saw this right away, and so did the horses I was riding. Stacey helped me connect with horses in a new way so I’m comfortable about what to do in almost any situation. Many other barns don’t tell you about some of the most important tools in riding – that’s what makes Stacey a one of a kind trainer.

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Joanna Foxx

Close up of a equestrian rider

Felix Trunar


In my 14 years with Stacey, I have seen her work what can only be called miracles.


I have seen people give her ponies and horses with no name, no papers, and, according to their former owners, no potential, and I have watched her find the discipline and rider perfect for the horse to achieve the most they possibly can.


Stacey has always been adept at getting to the source of an issue with horses and riders, believing that the source of truly correct riding is the proper training of the horse, the rider, and the emotional bond as separate entities. This belief is in opposition to the commonly held opinion that a horse can be ‘bullied’ into correctness; as I’ve learned in my years with her, when a horse is misbehaving, the source of the issue is often not stubbornness or malice, but a poor emotional bond between horse and rider, or being ill-suited to the discipline they are being asked to perform. Stacey’s talent is being able to identify what causes the behavior and doing what it takes to create a better relationship and work environment for the horse and rider.


Stacey’s methods have proven to be successful throughout the years. The combination of her excellent talent for picking up on things with horses and riders that others may have missed, her lifetime of experience in the industry, and the multifaceted training and maintenance program she has honed through the years have resulted in a truly unique methodology that produce happy horses, happy riders, and healthy partnerships.

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