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Introducing: A Revolutionary Horse Training Program

Countless riding horses experience an array of issues – breakdowns, depression, lackluster performance, and compromised well-being. These challenges often stem from a strained relationship with their riders, an unsuitable environment, deficient training program, or underlying physical problems.

Enter Novellus Equestrian with Stacey Ericson – an exceptional equine training program unlike any other. Our primary goal is to rebuild robust and healthy partnerships between horses and their riders. How do we do this? By employing classic training methods for horses and integrating Equine Integrated Experience modules into the program for the riders. Find out more about the transformative Equine Integrated Experience here.

At Novellus Equestrian, we provide horses with an Individualized Training Program (ITP). Through this specialized program, horses regain their confidence, restore their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and forge an unbreakable bond with their human partners. Our approach is founded on mutual understanding and harmony, ensuring a partnership rooted in profound respect.

Join us on a journey that celebrates the remarkable connection between horse and rider. Experience the transformative power of Novellus Equestrian. Believe in the potential for a harmonious and cherished partnership – one where horses and humans honor each other.

Here's How It Works:

Initially, the owner initiates contact with me, and we engage in a conversation to determine a suitable time and location for our meeting. This encounter can take place through virtual platforms like Zoom or FaceTime, or we can arrange to meet in person. Alternatively, the owner has the option to bring their horse to my facility. Following our discussion and initial assessment, we will collaboratively decide on the most appropriate course of action for me to assist with their horse.

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Admittance and Assessment:

   Individual horses are carefully admitted to our program at the farm to address a wide range of issues. By understanding the goals of the horse’s owner and conducting a thorough assessment of both horse and rider, we establish a tailored ITP.

Collaborative Training:

   Stacey works closely with the horse, providing guidance and, if necessary, offering instruction to the rider. Through a combined riding and training plan, we create a synchronized approach for the pair.

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Explore more details about our programs here.

Experience the difference at Novellus Equestrian and embark on a transformative journey for both horse and rider. Together, let’s forge a new path rooted in understanding, trust, and ultimate harmony.

Novellus Equestrian’s Equine Integrated Experience program includes several different services to ensure that both horse and rider are able to restore and rebuild their relationship.

Equine Integrated Experience

a transformative journey

Intake and Assessment (Horse)


The horse is received for temporary boarding


A behavioral assessment is conducted to evaluate the horse’s temperament and personality


A health and wellness assessment is performed to identify any underlying medical issues that need to be addressed


Stacey Ericson evaluates the horse’s abilities through an evaluation ride


A job performance analysis is conducted to determine if the horse is suitable for the type of work requested of him

Intake and Assessment (Rider)


Goals assessment is conducted to determine the rider’s objectives for the program


Historical review of horse and rider partnership is conducted to understand the past and current dynamics in their relationship


Mounted assessment is conducted to evaluate the rider’s riding ability and identify areas that require improvement

Horse Restoration


Physical restoration involves medical treatments as necessary to restore the horse’s health and comfort (veterinary, chiropractic, alternative therapies, diet and exercise)


Emotional restoration involves considering each horse’s strengths and weaknesses in-depth, leading to care, riding, and training techniques that create a more emotionally balanced horse


Environmental restoration involves stable management best practices, turnout, routine, professional observation, and property management, all of which contribute to the overall well-being of the horse and are directly proportional to their performance as riding horses

Rider Restoration


Physical restoration involves riding lessons that focus on proper technique to accommodate the rider’s goals and the horse’s abilities


Emotional restoration involves incorporating mindful riding and care to rebuild a relationship with the horse that helps the rider understand more deeply and completely what they are experiencing with their horse. A solid emotional connection is essential for a harmonious and productive relationship both in the saddle and on the ground


Educational restoration involves Stacey providing very specific instruction for the rider, in order to help them understand their horse’s needs and to apply the knowledge gained in the program to their future Novellus Equestrian

Clinics, Workshops, Tune-Ups

Both horse and rider may return to Novellus Equestrian periodically for short-term workshops and clinics in order to preserve the accomplishments of their time in the program. This allows both horse and rider to continue to improve their skills and maintain their relationship over time.


Stacey Ericson has developed the Equine Integrated Experience program to help horse riders improve their relationship with their horses. The program focuses on assessing the horse’s characteristics, habits, behaviors, and abilities to understand how best to work with them. At the same time, the rider’s goals and characteristics are also evaluated to determine if they are suitable for each other or if there are conflicts that need to be addressed.

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The program empowers the rider to tap into their inner knowledge, which creates a genuine connection with their horse. This connection allows old fears to be released and results in a sense of well-being that results from the experience of horse and rider honoring each other. By working together, the horse and rider can bring out the best in each other.

Rider restoration is also an important aspect of the program. Riders receive riding lessons that focus on proper technique and incorporate mindful riding and care. Additionally, they receive educational instruction that helps them understand their horse’s needs better and apply the knowledge gained in the program to their future Novellus Equestrian.

Equine Integrated Experience

The groundbreaking program developed by Stacey Ericson that aims to improve the relationship between horse and rider. By assessing the horse’s characteristics, habits, behaviors, and abilities and evaluating the rider’s goals and characteristics, riders can learn how to be better partners for their horses.


Structured observation is an essential part of the program, which provides insight into the horse’s behavior and how best to work with them. The program also includes physical, emotional, and environmental restoration for the horse while providing riding lessons and educational instruction for the rider.


Ultimately, the Equine Integrated Experience program creates a stronger and healthier partnership between horse and rider, ensuring optimum performance and improved connection.

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Freedom From Anxiety – How Equine Integrated Experience Can Help Riders

Riding can be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding sports out there, but it can also be incredibly anxiety-inducing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the idea of working with a large animal that has its own mind and will can be daunting.

That’s where Equine Integrated Experience comes in.

Stacy jumping in a competition at a young age

Novellus Equestrian is a program that combines traditional riding instruction with Equine Integrated Experience to help riders connect with their horses, and ultimately, find freedom from anxiety. By combining the two methods, riders learn how to communicate with their horses in new ways, which leads to a greater understanding and trust between horse and rider.


The program focuses on active meditation to clear the rider’s “energy palette,” giving them a chance to start fresh with their horse. This is followed by riding instruction that’s different from the ordinary circles upon circles typically seen in traditional riding lessons. Instead, riders are given exercises in timing and the use of timely aids to create harmony and better communication.

The Equine Integrated Experience goes beyond just riding instruction.

 The program also focuses on body awareness instruction and analysis, teaching riders how to use individual parts of their body to create balance and security in any situation. Proper use of equipment, including stirrup length, is also discussed to help with mastering balance.

Lessons in self-discovery are also a key component of the program. Riders must be willing to learn the truth about themselves in order to break through what’s keeping them stuck. This can lead to riders feeling more confident in their abilities and better equipped to handle most situations with ease, understanding, and safety.

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Of course, the program also analyzes the horse’s strengths and weaknesses, and which kinds of jobs the horse is best suited for. By using the rider’s ability to create athleticism, power, impulsion, and balance in their horse, riders can establish a stronger bond and better understanding of their equine partner.

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Ultimately, the Equine Integrated Experience helps riders find freedom from anxiety by building a deeper connection with their horse. It’s not just about riding – it’s about understanding and communicating with another living being. By doing so, the relationship between horse and rider becomes stronger, safer, and more enjoyable for both parties.

Here's an explanation of each program highlight:

This is a meditation technique that helps riders clear their mind and focus on the present moment before starting their ride. It’s designed to help riders start fresh with their horse and improve their overall mindset.

Instead of just riding around in circles, riders are given unique exercises to improve their communication with their horse. This can be anything from obstacle courses to pattern work.

Many riders experience anxiety and fear when working with horses. This program provides tools and techniques to help riders overcome these fears and become more confident in their abilities.

Timing is everything when it comes to communicating with a horse. This program teaches riders how to use aids at the right time to create a harmonious partnership with their horse.

 Understanding how your horse responds to your aids, mood, and experience is key to building a strong partnership. This program focuses on analyzing these responses to improve communication between horse and rider.

 Riders must be aware of their body position and movement when riding. This program includes instruction on body awareness and analysis to help riders improve their balance and security.

“Feel” is an important skill in riding, and it’s something that can be taught. This program focuses on using the rider’s body position and individual body parts to teach “feel” and improve communication with the horse.

Horses can sometimes exhibit undesirable behaviors like bucking or rearing. This program provides techniques to help riders maintain balance and security in these situations.

Using equipment properly is important for maintaining balance and control while riding. This program includes instruction on proper equipment use, including stirrup length.

Riders must be aware of their surroundings and environment while riding. This program includes instruction on being thoughtful towards the environment to help keep both horse and rider safe.

 Self-discovery is an important component of the program. By understanding themselves better, riders can become more confident and better equipped to handle a variety of situations with ease and understanding.

No ride is perfect, and problems will inevitably arise. This program provides lessons in troubleshooting and problem-solving to help riders overcome any challenges they may face while riding.

Understanding a horse’s strengths and weaknesses is important for determining the type for which they are best suited. This program includes analysis of horses to help riders determine the best course of action for their equine partner.

The rider plays an important role in creating an athletic, powerful, and balanced horse. This program focuses on using the rider’s ability to improve their horse’s performance.

Discovering ways to understand and meet each other’s needs is crucial for a healthy relationship between a horse and rider. When expectations are not met, the bond can turn toxic and even dangerous. At Novellus Equestrian, we are here to assist you in building a strong foundation of understanding and equipping you with the knowledge to meet your horse’s needs effectively. Let us help you foster a safe and fulfilling partnership.


Stacey Ericson, an experienced horse trainer, has successfully run Equestrian Endeavors as a hunter/jumper show barn in Florida. Now, she has re-launched the business as Novellus Equestrian.

With over 20 years in the industry and a B-Level Certification from the United States Pony Club, Stacey is well-versed in horse care, riding, and management. Her vast knowledge allows her to tackle even the most challenging problems, from equine biomechanics to proper use of equipment.

In this new chapter of Novellus Equestrian, Stacey takes a unique approach to training horses. Prioritizing the animal’s health and wellness, followed by education and the rider relationship, she combines innovative teaching, riding, and training methods with classical equine training. The results have been nothing short of incredible.

Stacey’s expertise extends beyond training horses. She specializes in teaching riders to overcome their own challenges by focusing on developing riding feel, minimizing fear. Through higher level movements and exercises, both horse and rider gain strength and balance, transforming their relationship and leading to more enjoyable rides and improved performance.

Many of Stacey’s previous clients  have competed at the AA level, while Stacey herself has had a successful riding career at renowned venues like the Wellington Winter Festival, HITS Circuit, Kentucky Summer Festival, and more.


Experience the exceptional training and transformative approach of Stacey Ericson at Novellus Equestrian.

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