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Elevate Your Riding Skills With Novellus Equestrian

Stacey Ericson riding a horse

Have you ever felt like your equestrian skills have hit a plateau? That no matter how much time you spend in the saddle, you’re just not progressing the way you want to? If this rings true, then it’s time to consider one-on-one coaching with Stacey at Novellus Equestrian.


Meet the Expert

Stacey, with her years of experience as a top trainer for both show riders and recreational ones alike, has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the equestrian field. She has honed her craft to a level that allows her to guide riders towards reaching their highest potential.


From mastering fundamentals like flatwork and trailering safety, to advanced exercises such as counter cantering or half pass techniques, Stacey is equipped to help you enhance your skill set. Regardless of where you currently stand on the riding spectrum, Stacey is confident that working together one-on-one will get you on the right track in no time!


A Tailored Approach to Training

One of Stacey’s strengths is her ability to evaluate your horse’s physical state and determine the appropriate level of training. She believes that understanding the needs of the horse is just as important as understanding the needs of the rider.

Once she has a clear picture of your horse’s capabilities, Stacey will then develop an individualized training program. This program will be designed to meet the needs and goals of both you and your horse.


Building a Solid Foundation

Stacey starts by introducing basic groundwork exercises to establish control. She believes that a solid foundation is crucial for any rider, regardless of their level of expertise.

Next, you’ll practice flatwork in the arena to build balance, coordination, and fitness. This stage is critical as it helps riders develop core stability and cultivate a harmonious relationship with their horse.


Moving Up The Ranks

As you progress, Stacey will guide you through more complex dressage movements when needed. She understands that every rider’s journey is unique, and she is committed to providing the necessary support for you to reach your individual goals.


Cross-Training for Success

Stacey also advocates for cross-training activities such as longlining to improve suppleness. She believes that variety is vital in keeping both the horse and rider engaged and motivated.

If you’re looking to take your riding skills to the next level, consider partnering with Stacey at Novellus Equestrian. Her personalized approach, coupled with her extensive experience, makes her an excellent choice for riders aiming for excellence. So saddle up, and prepare to embark on an enriching equestrian journey!

What you will learn in your one-to-one coach training

Ultimately, the Equine Integrated Experience helps riders find freedom from anxiety by building a deeper connection with their horse. It’s not just about riding – it’s about understanding and communicating with another living being. By doing so, the relationship between horse and rider becomes stronger, safer, and more enjoyable for both parties.

This is a meditation technique that helps riders clear their mind and focus on the present moment before starting their ride. It’s designed to help riders start fresh with their horse and improve their overall mindset.

Instead of just riding around in circles, riders are given unique exercises to improve their communication with their horse. This can be anything from obstacle courses to pattern work.

Many riders experience anxiety and fear when working with horses. This program provides tools and techniques to help riders overcome these fears and become more confident in their abilities.

Timing is everything when it comes to communicating with a horse. This program teaches riders how to use aids at the right time to create a harmonious partnership with their horse.

 Understanding how your horse responds to your aids, mood, and experience is key to building a strong partnership. This program focuses on analyzing these responses to improve communication between horse and rider.

 Riders must be aware of their body position and movement when riding. This program includes instruction on body awareness and analysis to help riders improve their balance and security.

“Feel” is an important skill in riding, and it’s something that can be taught. This program focuses on using the rider’s body position and individual body parts to teach “feel” and improve communication with the horse.

Horses can sometimes exhibit undesirable behaviors like bucking or rearing. This program provides techniques to help riders maintain balance and security in these situations.

Using equipment properly is important for maintaining balance and control while riding. This program includes instruction on proper equipment use, including stirrup length.

Riders must be aware of their surroundings and environment while riding. This program includes instruction on being thoughtful towards the environment to help keep both horse and rider safe.

 Self-discovery is an important component of the program. By understanding themselves better, riders can become more confident and better equipped to handle a variety of situations with ease and understanding.

No ride is perfect, and problems will inevitably arise. This program provides lessons in troubleshooting and problem-solving to help riders overcome any challenges they may face while riding.

Understanding a horse’s strengths and weaknesses is important for determining the type for which they are best suited. This program includes analysis of horses to help riders determine the best course of action for their equine partner.

The rider plays an important role in creating an athletic, powerful, and balanced horse. This program focuses on using the rider’s ability to improve their horse’s performance.

Stacey Ericson riding a horse

Through the Equine Integrated Experience, riders embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond the mere act of riding. This immersive approach fosters a profound understanding and connection with their horse, leading to a newfound sense of freedom from anxiety. As this unique bond develops, the relationship between horse and rider flourishes, enhancing trust, safety, and mutual enjoyment. It is through this holistic approach that riders discover a deeper connection with themselves and their equine partners, unlocking a world of limitless possibilities in the equestrian realm.

Happy Clients

I wouldn’t be the rider that I am today. I am forever grateful to Stacey and my entire Equestrian Endeavor family. Being surrounded by happy, healthy horses, along with supportive friends, is what makes Equestrian Endeavors a home that I continue to come back to.
Close up of a equestrian rider
Caitlyn Laine
I’m comfortable about what to do in almost any situation. Many other barns don’t tell you about some of the most important tools in riding – that’s what makes Stacey a one of a kind trainer.
Close up of a equestrian rider
Sandra Potts

Are you ready to take your equestrian journey to the next level? Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Stacey, a knowledgeable and experienced professional who can guide you on the path towards a deeper connection with your horse. Reach out to Stacey today and embark on a transformative journey that will forever change the way you interact with your equine partner.  Your equestrian adventure awaits!

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