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Equestrian Video Evaluation

Welcome to the Equestrian Video Evaluation page, where Stacey Ericson of Novellus Equestrian offers her expertise in addressing behavior issues, performance enhancement, rider concerns, and horse health issues for performance purposes. Whether you’re seeking in-person evaluations at your stable or online assessments, Stacey, a 30-year equestrian trainer, is here to assist you.

Behavior and Performance Evaluation from Your Video Submission

Stacey Ericson, a seasoned equestrian trainer with over 30 years of experience, is revolutionizing the way horse owners evaluate and address their horses’ needs.

Through in-person consultations and convenient online video evaluations, Stacey provides comprehensive assessments and tailored solutions for behavior issues, performance enhancement, rider challenges, and overall equine health.

With Stacey’s expertise and proven track record, horse owners can expect exceptional guidance and support to unlock their horse’s full potential.


Identify the Problem:

To begin, it is crucial to clearly define the problem you wish to address. Whether it’s a specific behavior issue, performance challenge, rider concern, or horse health issue, Stacey will work with you to understand the core problem that requires attention.


Review the Evidence:

Jumping to conclusions without proper evaluation is counterproductive. Stacey meticulously examines the evidence provided in your video submissions to gather relevant information and insights. This step ensures that the evaluation is based on accurate observations and data.


Create a Model of Your Goal:

Building a clear model of what you aim to achieve is essential for effective evaluation. Stacey will work closely with you to establish your goals, whether it’s improving horse behavior, enhancing performance, addressing rider challenges, or ensuring optimal horse health. This model serves as a guide throughout the evaluation process.


Implement a Plan with Step-by-Step Sequence:

Based on the identified problem and defined goals, Stacey will develop a customized plan with a step-by-step sequence. This plan will outline the necessary actions, exercises, and training techniques required to address the specific issues. Stacey emphasizes the importance of identifying indicators and monitoring progress to ensure the effectiveness of the plan.


Evaluate and Modify as Needed:

Continuous evaluation and modification are vital in the equestrian world. Stacey will assess the progress made and make necessary adjustments to the plan if required. This iterative process ensures that your goals are constantly being met and that the evaluation remains tailored to your horse’s needs.

One on One Sessions

Sample Video 1

In this captivating video sample of a horse evaluation, we are transported into the world of equestrian expertise. Through expert commentary, they provide valuable insights into the horse’s strengths, potential areas for improvement, and suitability for specific disciplines.

Sample Video 2

Stacey’s expert eye keenly focuses on every detail. As the horse moves through various gaits and exercises, the evaluator meticulously observes its movement, conformation, and overall presence. She skillfully analyzes the horse’s biomechanics, noting the fluidity of its strides, the engagement of its hindquarters, and the harmony between horse and rider.

Sample Video 3

Stacey’s commentary provides valuable insights into the horse’s performance, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement. With a keen focus on the horse’s conformation, movement, and overall athleticism, the video offers viewers a glimpse into the intricate world of horse evaluation. Each detail is carefully analyzed, from the horse’s suppleness and engagement to its communication with the rider.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your equestrian journey. Let Stacey’s experience and expertise guide you towards success!

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