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Case Studies

An unhappy horse


I encountered this remarkable horse while riding for another trainer at her barn. He belonged to one of her students and was notoriously challenging to ride, instilling fear in anyone who attempted to handle him. He would rear on his hind legs, refuse to move forward, and even leap with such force that riders often suffered busted lips and undignified falls.

Recognizing his potential, I offered to purchase him at a discounted rate. With time and patience, I transformed him into a highly rideable horse. When I established my own facility, I used him to teach lessons to my more advanced students.

Eventually, after a fulfilling career, he retired and found a loving home with one of my students who cherished him until the end of his days.

Stacy riding a brown horse


I acquired another horse after successfully helping her overcome some challenging behaviors when she was just 4 years old. Initially, she had a tendency to turn around and bite while being ridden. She was resistant to moving forward and would stubbornly remain still, displaying anger and protest by kicking and striking out.

Her intimidating demeanor frightened everyone who came into contact with her. However, I am immensely grateful to this horse as she taught me invaluable lessons. She possesses incredible talent as a jumper, and we have experienced some notable successes at shows. Even at the age of 19, she still enjoys being ridden and continues to bring joy into my life.


A few years after I purchased my facility, Rollsie arrived with his owner. She found him to be a challenging ride, as he would stop at jumps, bolt after clearing them, buck, and spook easily. Building trust with him was a difficult task.

But I was determined to work with Rollsie and learn from him. Over time, he transformed into an amazing horse, making riding a joy. I even helped him develop more athleticism, going from being known as a 2-foot-6-inch horse to competing in 3-foot-3-inch hunters at shows and schooling 3-foot-6-inch jumps at home.

Nowadays, Rollsie spends his days as a beloved school horse, still enjoying the thrill of being ridden.

Is a questrian rider on a horse
Is stacey with a brown horse

Novellus Equestrian to revolutionize the world of equestrian sports.

Horses teach us about ourselves by reflecting back to us what we put out there. For example, a horse might step on your foot as an indirect way of reminding you to pay attention. That’s called “learning the hard way.”


When we take the time to used focused observation of our horses, we can learn to pay attention, among other things, without hardship.


The Novellus Equestrian training program does exactly that; it provides understanding and subsequent instruction through a series of observations.


Where the rider taps into their inner knowing, giving them empowerment, helping them feel confident, creating a true connection which then releases fear, by creating a sense of wellbeing through honoring each other.


The future of equestrian sports starts here – with Novellus Equestrian.

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